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World Languages Specialty Program

The Spanish or French Level I course is a high school course offered in two parts in grade 6 and 7 intended for beginners of the language who do not have any previous language experience. Native speakers of the language are recommended to take another language for formal study. It is not essential that a student have had any previous language or cultural experiences in order to be successful as a student in this program.

Work/study habits, an interest in the language chosen, whether French or Spanish, and previous academic achievement in Language Arts are the most important predictors of success. 
Generally, students who enroll in the World Languages Specialty Program are placed into an Extended (accelerated) Language Arts class.  Students receive one period of French or Spanish instruction every day. This is a course for high school credit and requires rigorous daily preparation.

Successful program participants continue to French or Spanish II in 8th grade and earn two high school credits in world language during their middle school years.

World Languages Specialty Program Application: 
The online application for the 2020-21 school year is now closed.
Applications are due each year by February 1 and are submitted online. 

Students new to the district: please contact the program coordinator for a hard copy* of the application (*only available to out of district students moving to the county).
Contact Us:
Akpedje Day
Program Coordinator,

Marcy Carroll
Assistant Coordinator,

Phone: 7034945154