22-23 Rising 9th Grade Course Request Information

The transition between middle and high school is an important time in a student's educational career.  All students will schedule with their base, ZONED high school prior to specialty program decisions.  If a student is accepted into a specialty program, the program coordinators will schedule to meet with them at a later date. We are still working to confirm a registration date with Colgan High and Hylton High school counselors.  Students and parents are encouraged to visit the LRMS Counseling Canvas page for more information and details to include practice registration forms, helpful hints about course registration, and more.

Students ZONED for Garfield High School: TBD
Students ZONED for Woodbridge High School: TBD
Students ZONED for Hylton High School: TBD
Students ZONED for Colgan High School: TBD
Please use the below link to access the High School Course Catalog to assist you and your student in preparing for the course request selection process.

PWCS High School Catalog

Additionally, please visit our Student Guide for Specialty Programs available in PWCS.