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September 13, 2020


Dear Lake Ridge Middle School Parents and Students,


First and foremost, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND COOPERATION during our first week of school.  Although it was very different than we ever imagined, over all it went well.  I was able to pop into classes throughout the week and say hello to students and staff.  I still prefer seeing them in the hallways, cafeteria and classrooms.  Keep up the good work Lake Ridge.


Just a reminder - Mondays are designed for professional development hours for teachers and they will also have office hours during Mondays.  There may be days where we have to adjust office hours for teachers due to professional development responsibilities and we will communicate any changes through the Wolf Weekly.  Office hours for our teachers are as follows:


9:00-10:30- HPE

9:30-11:00- Music

10:00-11:30- Related Arts/SIGNET

10:30-12:00- School Counseling/Special Education

11:00-12:30- ELL

11:30-1:00- World Languages

12:00-1:30- Social Studies

12:30-2:00- Science

1:00-2:30- Math

1:30-3:00- Language Arts


The front office is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Please make an appointment before coming into the office due to various staff schedules.  Front office staff, Administrators and Counselors are working a modified schedule and are not in the building 5 days a week.  Please email the staff member, that you wish to see, for an appointment.  Masks are to be worn at all times while in our building and we ask that you practice social distancing by following posted signs.








Jim Dutrow


Lake Ridge Middle School