updated 4/29/2020

To our English Language Learner Families,

Lake Ridge Middle School's ESOL Department just wanted to send our regards and hopes that you and your family are doing well during these challenging times.  As parents ourselves, we understand the importance for your child to continue learning.  We want to make sure you know that we are here for you.

With the 3rd quarter just ending, we are happy to say that all teachers at LRMS are continuing to work hard to make your child's virtual learning experience a positive and encouraging one.  Teachers are providing activities through multiple avenues and modes which will reinforce the standards and skills already taught this school year.  Please be sure to visit their Schoology pages to open each week's lessons and activities for each subject.  Students will use their Office 365 log-in information to log into their accounts.  If your child has misplaced their username and/or password, please contact us, or any of their teachers, and we will mostly definitely help.

This being said, we understand that not everyone may have the technology to complete the assignments.  With this understanding, please know, Lake Ridge Middle School is working hard on trying to provide those in need with a device for the remainder of the school year so they can continue their education online.  We will be sure to keep you abreast to any information and updates we receive.

Please feel free to contact us anytime through email at Mrs. Patterson and Mrs. Bauducco.  As your child's ESOL teachers, we are also providing materials and updates on each of our Schoology pages as well.  Please be sure to visit our pages on a regular basis to receive the most up-to-date information, lesson and activities.

Wishing you the very best in happiness and health.

Best Regards,

LRMS ESOL Department

WIDA ACCESS testing is here!  We are very excited to see all our students' growth!  The following is the scheduled testing dates for all four language domains.

Listening- 2/3/20, 2/5/20 and 2/25/20

Reading- 2/5/20, 2/6/20 and 2/25/20

Writing- 2/11/20, 2/12/20 and 2/25/20

Speaking- 2/18/20-2/24/20 and 2/25/20

Remember, this testing schedule will be adjusted accordingly if there is any inclement weather which would cause schools to close or be delayed.

If your child was absent on their assigned day of testing (please ask to see their testing schedule slips), no worries.  We will be holding makeups on Monday, 2/10/20, Thursday, 2/13/20 and Tuesday 2/25/20.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Patterson, our ESOL Department Chair.  



Due to unexpected circumstances, we will have to postpone and reschedule the start of our WIDA ACCESS testing to next week.  Please visit this evening to view our updated schedule.  Remember, this testing schedule will be adjusted accordingly if there is any inclement weather which would cause schools to close or be delayed.

Also, please continue to encourage your student to read!  See below for specific strategies.



We are excited for your child to have an opportunity to demonstrate the growth and proficiency they achieved in English this past year!

WIDA ACCESS Testing begins on Tuesday, January 28th with the Listening portion of the test. Reading tests will begin on Thursday, January 30th. The following week, we will have no testing on Monday or Tuesday due to our 2nd quarter SLCs. We will resume testing with the Writing Test on Wednesday, February 5, and Thursday, February 6. Finally, we will conclude with the Speaking test, which will be administered in small groups, from February 11-18.

If there is any inclement weather during this time frame which causes school to be closed or delayed, testing will be adjusted accordingly.

Students can continue to prepare for these State Tests by following this link:  https://wbte.drcedirect.com/WIDA/portals/wida
You can also:
      *Ask them to speak to you in full sentences. They will have to answer questions on the speaking test in full sentences.
      *Encourage them to be specific when speaking, in both their first and second language. We want them to expand their vocabulary and use very precise words that show how much they know.
          --->  If they don't know the name of something in particular, that's ok!  Just describe it in detail, and you will get points for the words you are using.  Saying nothing will yield zero points.
      *Read, read, read! Ask questions to find out how much they understand about what they read and to push them to make inferences.
      *Write for a variety of purposes - make grocery lists, write in a shared journal, create stories, etc.
Research shows that doing all of the above in your native language helps with second language acquisition skills.  So encouraging your child to do the above-mentioned practice, even in their first language, is just as important as doing it in English.

Each day:
*Make sure they are getting enough sleep each night before testing, at least 8 hours!
*Have them eat a healthy breakfast each morning before testing.
*Shower them with encouragement each morning and ask them how testing went each afternoon.
*Help them make a plan for completing any work they miss during testing. 

Additional ACCESS WIDA TEST Information- A yearly state-mandated test that your child must take to assess their Language Proficiency Levels is soon upon us.  Our scheduled start date for these battery of tests is Tuesday, January 28, 2020.  Please know that our students will be taking these tests over several weeks as they must test within each language domain of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.  Changes to the start date will be indicative of the weather and any future school closings we encounter.   

The scores we receive from these battery of tests indicate your student's level of English proficiency with in the four language domains of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.  The overall composite score (which is a calculated average) decides your child's ESOL placement for the following school year.  If your child receives an overall score of 4.4 or higher, they will exit our ESOL program but will remain on monitoring status for two years following.  If your student's score is 4.3 or lower, they will remain in the ESOL program and continue to receive services. The amount of services depends on the score as well. For more information on this placement, please feel free to contact Mrs. Patterson, our ESOL Department Chair.  


The purpose of our ESOL News website is to inform English Language Learner families of  important information pertaining to our ESOL students' education across all content areas.  Our purpose is to also communicate some ways  you can  support your student at home. We hope to strengthen our home and school connection through this communication tool.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mrs. Patterson at patterm@pwcs.edu or Mrs. Bauducco at bauduccm@pwcs.edu.  Bilingual interpreters and translation services are available upon request.

Below, you will find tabs specifically for each grade.  These tabs are designed to help keep you abreast to the material your child is learning across all disciplines at their grade level.  Please click on your child's grade for further information.