Welcome to the LRMS Scheduling Page

Here you will find everything that you will need to know about scheduling at our school. 

Please feel free to browse Scheduling Options or watch the LRMS Electives Video and let us know if there is anything that we can further explain. 

Schedule Change Requests

Schedule changes at Lake Ridge Middle School are a rare occurrence. Due to the nature of the scheduling process, we are unable to honor all scheduling requests. Below are examples of approved and denied schedule change requests.

Examples of Approved Schedule Change Requests:

  • Missing a class period
  • Scheduled for duplicate class
  • Scheduled for the wrong academic level class

Examples of Denied Schedule Change Requests:

  • Request to have or not have a specific teacher
  • Request to be in class with friends
  • Request to change lunches

If your schedule change request falls into one of the examples of approved requests, your student can find Schedule Change Requests forms in the School Counseling Office.