Virtual Learning Expectations

Distance Learning Student Behavior Expectations



How ready are you?


How do you treat others?


Who are you when no one is looking?


Are you following the rules?


Are you being your best you?

Distance Learning

My learning space is organized, and my technology is working

Turn off notifications on device and cell phone


Have all the materials I need


Attend Zoom/online Meetings on time

Completing and turning in assignments on time



Taking turns to comment during on-line/zoom lessons

Respectful facial expressions online/zoom


Honoring one voice

Making respectful comments on-line/zoom

Valuing school property


Always THINKing before posting (Is it True, is it Helpful, is it Inspiring, is it Necessary is it Kind?)


Turning in my own work


Supportive of my classmates and opinions


Helping younger siblings if needed

Using Zoom for school use only

Attending all my classes, every day

Following class procedures

Checking my calendar

Completing my homework each day



Always persevering and trying my best

Asking for help when I need it

Actively participating

Creating thoughtful and neat work

Checking over my work

Helping others who might need assistance



Technology Use

Is my device charged?

Using technology appropriately

Taking good care of my device.


Respectful of myself and others online

Keeping login, passwords, and private information private

Avoiding eating or drinking while using my device.


Always citing sources of pictures & information used

Always THINKing before posting. (Is it True, is it Helpful, is it Inspiring, is it Necessary is it Kind?)


Staying on task when using technology.

Avoiding and reporting inappropriate sites and unsafe use

Using my school issued device for school use only.

Taking PRIDE in completing my best