Update 4/20/20 - Weekly Optional Activity for Care Labels/Symbols is available on Schoology (lrms.schoology.com).  If you are unable to get into Schoology, please email me, and I will get you the access code.  Have fun!

Hello and welcome to the 6th Grade Personal Development Page.  Before we left, we were working on the textiles/sewing unit.  We worked on creating a running stitch through a snail maze, pattern making and the blanket stitch with the felt pouch, and continued working on our skills, along with creativity by creating our felt monsters/creatures.  I will continue to provide resources to keep your mind growing.  Please remember that all resources and materials provided are OPTIONAL.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at schooltm@pwcs.edu.  Thanks!

6th Grade FACS
Competency Already Taught Pending Work Assigned before 3-13-20 (no new work or grades until further notice) Additional Resources
Students will demonstrate personal qualities and abilities (Competencies 1-5) In Process Embedded in the curriculum, Snail Maze, Felt Pouch, Felt Monster, Classroom chores
Students will demonstrate interpersonal skills (Competencies 6-10) In Process Embedded in the curriculum, Classroom chores Conflict-resolution skills
Students will demonstrate professional competencies  (Competencies 11-22) In Process Embedded in the curriculum, Snail Maze, Felt Pouch, Felt Monster, Classroom chores
Students will address elements of student life (Competencies 23-26)  No
Students will explore work based learning (27-30) In Process Virtual Job Shadow on Clever
Students will explore human development (Competencies 31-37 ) No Maslow's hierarchy of needs, setting a SMART goal, major attributes of individual and character development
Students will understand positive interpersonal relationships (Competencies 38-41) In Process Embedded within the curriculum Resolving disagreements 
Students will examine the individual's role in the family (Competencies 42-44) No Play a game with your family members
Students will develop responsibility for living environments (Personal Environments) (Competencies 45-47) No Clean your room, set up a rotating chores chart
Students will understand nutrition and wellness (Competencies 48-55) No https://www.choosemyplate.gov/
Students will examine consumer and family resources (Competencies 56-60) No Budgeting, BizKids (available on Prime Video and clips are available on YouTube, http://bizkids.com/
Students will explore textiles, fashion, and apparel concepts (Competencies 61-65) No https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/selected-industries/clothing-and-textiles 
Students will explore education and early childhood concepts (Competencies 66-67 ) No https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/actearly/milestones/index.html
Students will identify career connections  (Competencies 68-69) No Virtual Job Shadow on Clever
Students will develop leadership skills (Competencies 70-71) No