The following are some resources to use on our extended break from school.  I will be updating this periodically as I find new resources.   None of the following are required, but all of them will review the things we have done in class and will let you apply design principles in various activities.  If you do any of these activities I would love to see what you have made by sending me a picture or a video.

Fold and Fly - You can make various paper airplane designs.  While you make and test them, think about what makes each successful or unsuccessful. 

Cargo Bridge - You design various bridges in this game.  You are constrained by certain materials and budget as you work through each challenge.  Once you get some ideas about what makes a successful bridge, create a model to bridge a 10 inch gap in your house from whatever materials you have ie. Legos, blocks, etc. 

Tower Design - Use materials around your house (note cards, paper,straws, etc.) and build a tower that can support a small object (tennis ball, toy).  As you are designing the tower think about the problems that you run into.  How did you overcome these issues? Did your first design work out the best?

Ruler Game
- You can use this game to test your ruler reading skills.

Design Squad - This PBS show talks about engineering and design and has many great resources.