Annual tournament showcases students’ math capabilities
Posted on 04/23/2019
Students seated at table with man presenting playing cardsMath-minded students from 22 different elementary schools came together at Beville Middle School to face-off in the 2019 Prince William County Mathematics Challenge 24 Tournament. The annual district-level event uses the innovative 24© Game where students race to solve a series of puzzles to make 24 using all mathematical operations appropriate to each grade level. The 168 participants earned their slots at the county contest by winning grade level competitions at their schools.

To prepare for the competition, students not only practice mathematics computation in the areas of whole numbers, but also become more adept at mental math, communicating mathematically, and recognizing multiple ways to solve problems. The annual Challenge 24 makes mathematics more appealing, accessible and creates an engaging and fun way for students to develop computational fluency.

The following students are the 2019 Prince William County Challenge 24 Tournament winners:

Grade 3: Emily Le, Williams, first place; Tejas Adhikari, Sinclair, second place; Abigail Tecklu, Westridge, third place; Catmai Ho, Marumsco Hills, fourth place

Grade 4: Hania Sajjad, River Oaks, first place; Muborak Jumanyazova, Westridge, second place; Frances Yeboah, River Oaks, third place; Sage Miller, Montclair, fourth place

Grade 5: Lucy Lu, Alvey, first place; Devin Moore, Vaughan, second place; Lina Ezzahiri, Marumsco Hills, third place; Jad Labriny, Westridge, fourth place