Fred Lynn MS wins Battle of the Brains for fourth year in a row
Posted on 04/22/2019
Winning team of students from Fred Lynn accept trophy from host Bill Bixby

Students from the four PWCS International Baccalaureate middle schools—Beville, Fred Lynn, Hampton, and Stonewall— used mind-power and teamwork as they faced off in the 2019 Battle of the Brains. The annual competition is fashioned after the quiz show “It’s Academic,” and serves as a warmup for Virginia SOL examinations.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade teams from each school went head-to-head answering questions pulled from corresponding grade-level content in science, math, social studies, and language arts.

Examples of questions posed during the three-hour event include:

What type of biome is found in the far north and the far south?

What is 5.7 x 103 written in standard form?

State two of the freedoms protected by the 1st Amendment.

Teams had 30 seconds to write their responses to each question, and thanks to Skype video-conferencing technology could request help from fellow students back at their base-schools once per round.

Associate Superintendent for Middle Schools Bill Bixby was host and moderator for the on-site competition held at Stonewall Middle. Battle of the Brains was also streamed live allowing students at all county middle schools to watch and participate in SOL review of their own.

In the sudden-death final round, Fred Lynn Middle prevailed, claiming the championship title for the fourth consecutive year. Outstanding job by all the participants. Congratulations! You make us #PWCSProud