Leesylvania ES hosts a celebration for students and their special guests
Posted on 04/09/2019
Student builds edible snowman with special guest and role modelRole model night at Leesylvania Elementary provided the chance for students and a special guest of their choice to hang out and have fun. The night was full of exciting activities that had an educational component too.

Leesylvania Elementary Principal Margaret MacGregor explained that she “loves seeing families and students engaged in our school community, in so many different ways.” The school hosts content nights that provide parents with strategies they can use at home to help students, but MacGregor wanted to offer a night focused on giving students time to bond with someone they admire.

“The overall goal of the night is to just have an opportunity for children to bring someone that they look up to. We have a lot of students here who maybe don’t have a parent present, so they brought a neighbor, a sibling, a cousin, just someone they think highly of,” Assistant Principal Joseph Scotto explained.

Eagle-eyed archers learned how to aim for a target at the archery game while other students eagerly played a game of jumbo Connect Four or giant checkers with their special guests. Gaga ball, a game similar to racquetball, was an exhilarating activity for students and onlookers. Decorating snowmen using marshmallows and candies was a fun art-based activity, and the writing booth encouraged students to write a small message about their role model. Attendees visited the photo booth to take a picture commemorating this special night.

Fifth-grader Josiah gave the event his seal of approval. “The archery is fun, the gaga ball is fun, so is checkers," shared Josiah. "I’m really happy to be here. All my friends are here as well. This is very nice!”

Players from the Potomac High School’s baseball team along with Marine Reservists from Quantico joined in the festivities, playing catch with students and helping with other games.