PWCS Celebrates milestones of service by dedicated employees
Posted on 03/18/2019
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Outstanding service and dedication to our School Division is being recognized this month as 1,721 employees receive longevity awards to honor their service. The School Board and School Division’s Leadership Team congratulate employees who have reached significant milestones in their careers with Prince William County Public Schools. These employees have brought our School Division to where it is today, and are leading our effort to provide our students with a World-Class Education.

This year, Ray Ridgley from Brentsville High School tops the list with 50 years of service. Other honorees include three employees with 45 years of service, 12 employees with 40 years of service, 12 employees with 35 years of service, 46 with 30 years of service, 77 with 25 years of service, and 192 with 20 years of service. Another 1,378 have reached milestones of five, 10, and 15 years.

Honorees are listed below in alphabetical order by years of service.

50 Years
Ray Ridgley, Brentsville District High

45 Years
Lloyd Harlow, Facilities Management Services; Carole Marders, Transportation Services; and
Patricia Vance, Transportation Services.

40 Years
Debra Ames, The Nokesville School; Peter Bedford, Hylton High; Donna Cole, Mountain View Elementary; Catherine Hailey, Woodbridge High; David Johnson, Facilities Management Services; Theresa Johnston, Leesylvania Elementary; Francis Mervine, Facilities Management Services; Haseltine Moore, Beville Middle; Cynthia Neal, The Nokesville School; Kimberly Swartz, The Nokesville School; Vicki Taylor, Transportation Services; and Tommy Waters, Information Technology Services.

35 Years
Donald Allen, Facilities Management Services; Jane Carr, Title I; Barbara Cavalier, Gar-Field High; Mark Chmelko, Woodbridge High; Linda Finley, Transportation Services; Deborah Lewis, Bel Air Elementary; Patrice Martin, Featherstone Elementary; Lisa Peters, Bel Air Elementary; Paul Phillips, Supply Services; Lorraine Sadler, Potomac High; Mickie Sullivan, Gar-Field High; and Clayton Wark, Marsteller Middle.

30 Years
Patricia Brown, Benton Middle; Anne Bryce, Stonewall Middle; Jessica Byington, Henderson Elementary; Brenda Callahan, Rosa Parks Elementary; Rhonda Carper, Stonewall High; Lisa Cornwell, Transportation Services; Timothy Cousins, Facilities Management Services; Janice Dicus-Green, Graham Park Middle; Anna Dimeglio, Title I; Richard Earhart, Risk Management And Security Services; Patricia Farmer, Transportation Services; Wendy Felix, West Gate Elementary; Marianne Ferrell, Superintendents Staff; Dennis Haga, Transportation Services; Cheryl Harnish, Pennington Traditional; Timothy Healey, Charles J Colgan High; Roseanne Hughes, Ellis Elementary; Jon Ingle, Woodbridge High; Donna Klink, Transportation Services; Felicia Lawson, Occoquan Elementary; Dawn Lowther, Food Services; Larue Mcgarrahan, Saunders Middle; Cherie Mcgee, Human Resources; Diane Mosebay-White, Old Bridge Elementary; James Mudd, Student Learning; Marcie Nesaw, Northern Virginia Regional Special Education Program; Mary O'Brien, Special Education; Kim Palumbo, Springwoods Elementary; Cynthia Perdue, Facilities Management Services; Norma Perry, West Gate Elementary; Debra Peterman, Benton Middle; Cynthia Pickett, Marsteller Middle; Doreen Raymond, Ronald Reagan Middle; Dennis Robinson, Imaging Center; Yvonne Rodgers, Tyler Elementary; Linda Ross, Special Education; Lauren Scott, Springwoods Elementary; Jeffrey Sherrill, Gar-Field High; Elizabeth Skaggs, Charles J Colgan High; Deborah Stachkunas, Special Education; Steven Stoebe, Stonewall Middle; Margaret Via, Kilby Elementary; Jill Volles, Special Education; Arla Weiggands, Penn Elementary; Karen White, Bristow Run Elementary; and Billy Wright, Facilities Management Services.

25 Years
Thompson Acquah, Beville Middle; Susan Allen, Special Education; Charles Allen, Transportation Services; Fern Allen, Hylton High; Brenda Bailey, Student Learning; Sheri Bandy, Triangle Elementary; Jessica Barrett, Office Of Student Mangmnt And Alt Programs; Diane Becker, Start Program; Samuel Benson, Marsteller Middle; Ann Benson, Stonewall High; Suzanne Bevans, Henderson Elementary; Michael Bonfadini, Bull Run Middle; Amy Brown, The Nokesville School; Steven Bryson, Freedom High; Steven Carbone, Forest Park High; Teresa Carlton, Battlefield High; Cynthia Carmina, Special Education; Sheen Childress, Neabsco Elementary; Sylvia Chmelko, Penn Elementary; Kevin Cox, Facilities Management Services; Elaine Dickens, Bristow Run Elementary; Lora Doll, Sudley Elementary; Pamela Edge, Stonewall Middle; Pamela Fireline, Osbourn Park High; Lisa Grimes, Marumsco Hills Elementary; Theresa Guiffre, Mountain View Elementary; Timothy Heltsley, Facilities Management Services; Douglas Herritt, Rippon Middle; Patrick Hogan, Gar-Field High; Daniel Hughes, Facilities Management Services; Kristen Hugues, Marsteller Middle; Karen Isaacs, Transportation Services; Susan James, Freedom High; Ann Jarrell, Potomac Middle; Steven Jenkins, Transportation Services; Debra Lear, Transportation Services; Mary Legault, Special Education; Miu Leung, Belmont Elementary; Crystal Lord, Haymarket Elementary; Nusrat Malik, Saunders Middle; James Maxfield, Independence Nontraditional; Denise McChain, Gar-Field High; John Miller, Stonewall Middle; Rose Miller, Dumfries Elemetary; Kristen Misencik, Charles J Colgan High; Elizabeth Murrin, Minnieville Elementary; John Nicholas, Parkside Middle; Richard Nichols, Stonewall High; Kathleen Norbutt, Transportation Services; Martha O'Brien, Penn Elementary; Dennis O'Buck, Osbourn Park High; Kathleen Parrish, Benton Middle; Maria Perez, Patriot High; Debra Powers, Accountability; Sheryl Quinlan, Marsteller Middle; Mara Richardson, Bull Run Middle; Maria Rios, Forest Park High; Crystal Robinson, ESOL; Mayra Rodas, Potomac High; Cynthia Roubie, Lake Ridge Elementary; Rosa Salinas, Hylton High; Maria Santiago, Occoquan Elementary; Eric Simenauer, Stonewall Middle; Debra Skipper, Food Services; Andrew Stanley, Hylton High; Stephen Stepanick, Stonewall Middle; Nancy Sumego, Marumsco Hills Elementary; Mary Lynn Thurman, George M Hampton Middle; Sean Todd, Gar-Field High; Kevin Turner, Stonewall High; Joanne Tyrrell, Forest Park High; Katherine Van Cleve, Transportation Services; Jennifer Velesz, Saunders Middle; John Wallingford, Financial and Risk Management Services; April Watring, Food Services; Beverly Wilborn, Beville Middle; and Tara Wolfe, Independence Nontraditional.

20 Years
Raghida Abdul Baki, Westridge Elementary; Elyssa Abelson, Student Services; Felicia Agnew, Information Technology Services; Richard Anderson, Rippon Middle; Maria Andrade, Forest Park High; Kimberly Arbogast, Kerrydale Elementary; Wendy Atkinson, Cedar Point Elementary; Amy Baker, Haymarket Elementary; Angela Baker, Financial Services; L'tanya Banks-Morton, Antietam Elementary; Ana Barrera, Bull Run Middle; Rustam Bashir, Rockledge Elementary; Natalina Bell, Featherstone Elementary; Deanna Bello Puentes, Sinclair Elementary; Suzanne Berry, Dale City Elementary; Nancy Blake, Antietam Elementary; Vicki Blevins, Sinclair Elementary; Timothy Boykin, Stonewall Middle; Teresa Brady, Transportation Services; Denise Brown, Potomac View Elementary; Heather Brown, Stonewall High; Antonie Brunais, Food Services; Geoffrey Brunson, Nokesville K-8; Ray Burch, Lynn Middle; Jennifer Burchell, Bull Run Middle; Kimberly Butts, Woodbridge High; Veronica Byrd, Freedom High; William Calhoun, The Governor School; Jolene Callison-Weigel, King Elementary; Kimberly Carter, Stonewall High; Bridget Cassese-Kiernan, Cedar Point Elementary; Gail Charnick, Swans Creek Elementary; Anthony Clark, Student Services; Cheryl Clarke, Osbourn Park High; Phillip Clarke, Facilities Management Services; Stephen Clegg, Lake Ridge Middle; Susan Colbert, Facilities Management Services; Brian Coleman, Potomac Middle; Janet Cook, Brentsville District High; Adela Del Cruz Santos, Parkside Middle; Holly Dachtyl, Forest Park High; Catherine Dallman, T. Clay Wood Elementary; Robin Dalusung, Information Technology Services; Barbara Damato, Bennett Elementary; Constance Davis, Stonewall Middle; Theresa Dawkins, Title I; Virginia Dent, Transportation Services; James Devitt, Stonewall High; Kathy Dively, Sudley Elementary; Kathy Dove, Penn Elementary; Rita Dubik, Stonewall High; Anita Ebert, Transportation Services; Michele Edwards, Vaughan Elementary; Gisele Estrada, Marumsco Hills Elementary; C. Nicole Etienne, Woodbridge High; Heather Evans, Piney Branch Elementary; Margaret Evans, Woodbridge High; Karen Fallah, Marumsco Hills Elementary; Rosa Febus, Minnieville Elementary; Virginia Flores, Hylton High; Kathryn Forgas, Coles Elementary; Rebecca Foster, Bull Run Middle; Vanie Gardiner, Woodbridge High; Denise Garrett, West Gate Elementary; Malaika Gaskins, Gar-Field High; Raquelina Gavidia-Rosa, West Gate Elementary; Leslie Gibson, Sudley Elementary; Carolyn Gioia, Lake Ridge Elementary; Medina Gipson, Woodbridge Middle; Robin Glover, Rosa Parks Elementary; Amanda Golden, Glenkirk Elementary; Julie Graves, Battlefield High; Unica Green, Tyler Elementary; Ivy Guadalupe, Independence Nontraditional; Sonia Guillen, Lake Ridge Elementary; Sheri Harrison, Transportation Services; Lisa Harris-Williams, Transportation Services; Janet Hart, Stonewall Middle; Brenda Hash, Featherstone Elementary; Daniel Helton, Freedom High; Nancy Hemleben, Saunders Middle; Yvette Hess, Transportation Services; David Hilderbrand, Juvenile Detention Center; Timothy Hines, Facilities Management Services; Lisa Hopkins, Transportation Services; Janice Hornbeck, Special Education; Susan Irvin, Haymarket Elementary; Noemi Jara, Stonewall Middle; Wonseta Jerden, Transportation Services; Linda Jesionka, Dale City Elementary; Daemien Jones, Financial Services; Sheila Jones, River Oaks Elementary; Stanley Jones, Hylton High; Tina Katz, Montclair Elementary; Jennifer Kellogg, Pattie Elementary; Min Kim, Stonewall High; David Kinsella, Patriot High; Teresa Kitchen, Gar-Field High; Patricia Kramolisch, Beville Middle; Erica Laich, Stonewall High; Susana Lavery, Charles J Colgan High; Marcus Lawrence, Stonewall High; Lolita Laws, Transportation Services; Emily Lepore, Transportation Services; Amy Lindley, Gar-Field High: Natalie Lint, Mountain View Elementary; Anna Linton, Occoquan Elementary: Mark Lipscomb, Marsteller Middle; Jennifer Lloyd, Potomac View Elementary; Linda Lopisz, Stonewall High; Danny Lorenz, Forest Park High; Valerie Lussier, Stonewall High; Amber Macerelli, Alvey Elementary; Margaret Macgregor, Leesylvania Elementary; Theresa Mahmood, Independence Nontraditional; Kristen Mahoney, Tyler Elementary; Nicholas Maneno, Old Bridge Elementary; Charlene Manning, Bristow Run Elementary; Kevin Marsh, Battlefield High; Brandy Masters, Loch Lomond Elementary; Christina Mattson, Potomac Middle; Candyce Mcardle, Antietam Elementary; Kristina Mcdougal, PWC Regional; Tracey Mcginnis, Alvey Elementary; Ellen Mckinstrie, Woodbridge Middle; Paul Metzler, Potomac High; Amy Minning, Marshall Elementary; Rebecca Moore-Fucci, Rockledge Elementary; Vincent Morton, Facilities Management Services; Donna Motsek, Student Learning Adult Education; Karen Mrak, Westridge Elementary; Victoria Nonnemaker, Special Education; Heather Oberle, Brentsville District High; Luz Ortiz, Fitzgerald Elementary; Christine Pancratz, Graham Park Middle; Patricia Pedersen, Fitzgerald Elementary; J Peel, Woodbridge Middle; Jennifer Peel, Woodbridge Middle; Jill Phennicie, Pattie Elementary; Kaykeo Phetxumphou, Gar-Field High; Maria Pikalek, Beville Middle; Karen Presgraves, Transportation Services; Linda Reynolds, Parkside Middle; Lisa Riello-Jones, Bristow Run Elementary; Dolores Robison, Student Services; Matthew Rohrer, Patriot High; Bruce Runner, Transportation Services; William Ruthazer, Stonewall High; Lilliam Santos, Rippon Middle; Lucsinda Saunders, Transportation Services; Angela Savage, Dumfries Elementary; Mark Schaeffer, Facilities Management Services; Grace Schaer, Student Learning; Lisa Sebenaler, Fred Lynn Middle; Donald Shetley, Imaging Center; Patricia Shookster, Ashland Elementary; Thomas Sinnott, Stonewall Middle; Mary Smith, Student Services; Stephen Smith, Forest Park High; Theresa Snoots, Patriot High; Davenia Solomon, Minnieville Elementary; Christopher Southcott, Patriot High; Ginger Spice, Special Education; Lisa Stafford, Stonewall High; Cynthia Stanley, Swans Creek Elementary; Heather Stawski, Gar-Field High; Cynthia Stephens, Special Education; Malinda Stewart, Special Education; Glen Stietzel, Brentsville District High; Katherine Sykes, Marsteller Middle; Cassandra Taylor, Springwoods Elementary; Florence Taylor, Dale City Elementary; Karen Tedrow, Kerrydale Elementary; Susan Theriot, Potomac High; Robin Vaneman, Haymarket Elementary; Judy Via, Kerrydale Elementary; Gerald Vile, Marsteller Middle; Vincent Villani, Information Technology Services; Tiffany Villanueva, Information Technology Services; Vicki Walker, Leesylvania Elementary; Roberta Wallingford, Ashland Elementary; Christine Ware, Gainesville Middle; Carolyn Wedge, Freedom High; Susan Weimer, Pennington Traditional; Evette White, Food Services; Latoya Williams, Glenkirk Elementary; Kathy Williamson, Old Bridge Elementary; James Windle, Facilities Management Services; Taryn Witt, Brentsville District High; Eva Worst, Transportation Services; Cynthia Young, Rippon Middle; and Linda Zwierzynski, Woodbine School.