Graham Park Middle School students featured in #BeKind campaign
Posted on 11/16/2018
Students from Graham Park MS sitting in bleachers with NBC4 reporter Molette GreenThis fall, Graham Park Middle School students were featured in public service announcements addressing kindness that were broadcast frequently on NBC4 Washington. The students teamed up with Apple Federal Credit Union and NBC4 to create a culture of kindness and fight bullying in area schools. The effort also included a social media aspect in which people used the hashtag #BeKind.

“We have really enjoyed partnering with Apple on this amazing campaign,” said Rachel Gordon, account manager for NBC4. “Graham Park Middle School is clearly an exemplary student body. We really enjoyed being there and interacting with teachers and students alike. It’s wonderful that this school is really championing this kindness message for the community.”

As a part of this collaboration, for the second consecutive year, Graham Park Middle School participated in Rachel’s Challenge, inspired by the writings of Rachel Scott, the first victim of the 1999 Columbine shootings. Before her death, Rachel wrote about the need to foster grassroots efforts of kindness not only in schools, but also in the surrounding community. She called people to focus on the positive and eliminate an environment where bullying could occur.

The Rachel’s Challenge assembly was held last month at Graham Park. Molette Green, reporter for NBC4, covered the assembly through a live report.