Potomac HS students get civics lesson on board interactive bus
Posted on 11/07/2018
Students onboard C-SPAN's Interactive BusStudents at Potomac High School experienced a different classroom perspective on the political process and how government works by climbing aboard the rolling C-SPAN bus during its recent stop at their school.

The bus is celebrating the educational program’s 25th anniversary, with stops in each of the 50 state capitals, Washington D.C., and surrounding locations. In November 1993, Potomac High School was the fourth school stop on the inaugural tour of the first model C-SPAN Bus.

The current bus, a 45-foot-long custom motor coach, has its own studio, large screen tablets, and multimedia stations that enable participants to learn about the federal government and issues that impact citizens. Students took part in interactive political quizzes and explored a vast video library designed to educate the public about elections, public affairs, and the political process.

“We just talked about landmark court cases this morning, so this is great,” said U.S. history teacher, Matthew Crow. “We also talked about political parties, so this is really fresh.”

“They[C-SPAN] have information about court cases in history, and that’s cool because we’re learning about that right now,” said Potomac 11th grade student, Danielly Sanchez.

C-SPAN’s 50 Capitals Tour concluded November 5 in Albany, New York.