Gar-Field High School alumni give back
Posted on 10/24/2018
Members of the GFHS Class of 88Members of Gar-Field High School’s Class of 1988 have not forgotten about their roots. When hearing that students at their alma mater needed help, they answered the call.

While shopping for school supplies for her own child, a Gar-Field High School alumna met a current Gar-Field High School teacher who shared the significant need at Gar-Field High for school supplies for students. When word of this spread, the 30th class reunion for the Class of 1988 became more than just a celebration. In the weeks leading up to the reunion, and for several weeks after, the former students raised nearly $3,800.

Lisa Ward, who currently teaches physical education and driver’s education at Battlefield High School, said, “I think our class of 1988 has done something great in raising money to give back to the neighborhood kids who are now growing up in the same homes that we did. Being an educator who spends her own money when supplies are needed, I think the gift from our class can go a long way for both the students and educators at Gar-Field High.”

Rebecca Barnes, publisher of Prince William Living Magazine, recently founded Give Back Prince William. She coordinated much of the reunion event. “We need to never forget where we came from. Many of us grew up in Dale City, and we owe it to future generations to give a ‘hand up.’”

Tiffany Sutton, school social worker, oversees the Gar-Field High School’s supply closet, better known as the Champion’s Closet. “We are so incredibly blessed and fortunate to have alumni whose hearts are still attached to our school,” she shared. “Having such an incredibly generous donation helps us to stretch our arms even wider as we continue to care for all of our students. ‘Thank you’ does not come close to adequately expressing our gratefulness to our alumni.”

Ward and Barnes, along with Sandra Hardeman and Jessica Hughes, proudly delivered the check.