Ms. Cayere
6th Grade Language Arts
Cheer Coach
Hi, everyone! Please keep checking Schoology for updates, review materials, extra practice over this crazy time. Stay healthy, be smart, be good, and work hard! See you when we get back!!

I will place PowerPoint presentations, notes, review items, and dates of quizzes on this page.  

Welcome to 6th grade!

Go Wolves!

What we have taken/covered so far this year:
 So far, we have taken:
Genre Quiz (Q1)
Narrative Elements Quiz (Q1)
Plot Elements Quiz (Q1)
Conflict (Q1)
Characterization (Q1)
Narrative Elements Benchmark (Q1)
Figurative Language (Q2)
Tone/Mood (Q2)
Poetry Benchmark (Q2)
Text Features (Q3)
Organizational Patterns (Q3)
Main Idea (Q3)