I am happy to be your Spanish instructor this year. I am a native Spanish speaker from Colombia and have been teaching Spanish for over ten years to students from K to 8th grade. I enjoy sharing my language and my culture with my students and am looking forward to a great school year.

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Spanish 1, 1A, and 1B: 
We will be learning about stereotypes, cognates, Spanish alphabet, punctuation marks, greetings and farewells, useful classroom vocabulary, definite and indefinite articles, time, class schedules, Spanish speaking countries, subject pronouns, verbs ser and estar & other regular verbs, numbers, colors, days of the week, months of the year, places in the school & in the community, seasons, adjectives, and family relationships, places in the school/places in the community, and means of transportation. Students will be able to hold a simple conversation where they can greet, introduce themselves, give and ask for personal and contact information, talk about themselves, their family, and what they do in the School and in the community. Please review your notes and practice every day. Do not fall behind.

In Unit 2 the students will learn adjectives, school subjects, places around the school, time and schedules so students can talk about life at school, events after school including at what time and where they occur.

In Unit 3 the students will learn about family, family relationships, likes & dislikes, describing physical and personality traits, leisure time activities, extend, accept, & decline an invitation. 

In Unit 4 the students will learn about places in the city, means of transportation, identify & describe foods & drinks, order a simple meal & ask for the bill, identify & describe clothing.